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Lillian Hritz ~ AZ Sit Project, T2T Coordinator, Ideal Realignment
While coordinating the Arizona Statewide Instructional Technology (SIT) Program, Greg was hired to create the database/website. The AZ SIT Registration System was a customized, dynamic, web-based registration/event management program which accommodated multiple counties providing services related to event registration, management, evaluation, and certification.  When I became Director of the Transition to Teaching Program for University of Arizona South, I again received the most reasonable quote for services, from Greg, but this time we were developing a secure online community where new teachers and their mentors could communicate, collaborate and share ideas about teaching.  The website also processes the applications and tracks recruiter communications.

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Greg has without fail been very attentive to my website/database needs.  There is nothing he has not been able to create for better functionality or to meet specific requirements.  He returns calls or answers emails within 12 hours and usually completes any requests, no matter how complex, within the time he estimates.  I have found Greg to be always cheerful and enthusiastic to see any project through to its complete satisfaction for the users.

I give Greg my highest personal recommendation.

Irene Schmoller ~ Cotton Clouds
"Thank you, Greg for designing Cotton Clouds" website.  It is beautiful!  You have created a website that is not only user-friendly but one that showcases the entire line of Cotton Clouds" products.   I love how easy it is for my staff to add new products and update the information. In the ten(?) years that you have been designing and redesigning my website, you have listened and responded to me every step of the way!  And did I say that my business has increased year after year because of my website? I could not do business in today's market without and for you I am so grateful.  Thanks again!"

Jess Kelly ~ Transition to Teaching
I have been working with WebDesignsByRequest since 2012 and, I must say, I have yet to be disappointed! The requested website was designed with a lot of extras – bells and whistles that came in quite handy. Since the site went live, there have been several modifications requested, all of which have been implemented in a timely fashion. Furthermore, there were security measures implemented in the design to counter potential threats that I was completely unaware of. The owner is extremely professional, knowledgeable and amazing to work with. I would strongly recommend this company to anyone who needs an intricate website developed correctly and securely.